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Fresh . Fancy. F*@%'ing delicious.

Rolled ice cream also known as stir-fry ice cream or Thai ice cream rolls, is the trend of delicious ice cream rolls served with toppings. Starting from a liquid ice cream base, our Milksmiths pour the base onto a frozen plate and mix-in your favourite cookies, cereals, or spreads by chopping them in with spatulas.


Our skilled artisans then spread the ice cream mixture and use scrapers to roll up the ice cream into "scrolls", which come served in either a bowl or our signature Milksmith waffle taco shell, and garnished with whipped cream, drizzle and a wide selection of delicious toppings! 


Our cold plate machines reach temperatures below -25°C, causing the ice cream to produce smaller ice crystals to make our ice cream smooth and creamy-- the way ice cream is meant to be!

We proudly invite you to experience our artful ice cream masterpieces, hand-crafted with love.



We're ready to take on the lick at a time

Milksmith has become a staple rolled ice cream shop in Winnipeg, known for our "pink door," and putting a spin on nostalgia with delicious rolled ice cream and craft beverages. Inspired by the post-prohibition and soda jerk movement, we combine the way bartenders artfully craft cocktails made-to-order and the creative approach to garnishing to create an experience for ice cream and beverage enthusiasts of any age!

Our mission is to serve delicious product with an innovative and creative flair, re-imagining the way you eat and experience ice cream. 

Our focus is to support fellow local small businesses through collaborations you'll see featured on our

ever-evolving menu.

Let's make life sweet!

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